Celia Cartagena Garcia
PhD student at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, France
Celia was born in Rojales (Alicante, Spain). She moved to Barcelona to study Biochemistry in the University of Barcelona and she graduated in July 2018. In the last year of her Bachelor’s degree, she performed a 10-month research internship at the Radboudumc (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) in which she studied the immune cell regulation during pregnancy by flow cytometry. Specifically, her project was based in the optimization of the decidual lymphocyte isolation protocol optimization and its implementation in 1st, 2nd and term pregnancy placental material. Following the strong interest in translational research that she developed during her Bachelor’s degree, she obtained a Master’s degree in Translational Biomedical research in the Autonomous University of Barcelona – Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (Spain) in July 2019. Her Master’s thesis was focused in studiying the role of a specific protein in a rare immune disease, hemophagocytic syndrome. She started her PhD in September 2019 at Beckman Coulter Immunotech (France), a company dedicated to create quality reagents and simplifying workflow for science and health. She is enrolled in the PhD program of the Aix-Marseille University. Her PhD is supervised by Dr. Jean-Marc Busnel, and is focused in the development of novel flow cytometry-based functional assays for patient stratification and personalized medicine in RA and OA.