Mohan Ghorasaini
PhD student at the LUMC, The Netherlands
Mohan Ghorasaini, from Nepal, is a PhD student in Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), The Netherlands, at the Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics (CPM) department. After he finished his bachelor degree in Pharmacy in India, he moved to Europe to start Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree called EACH- Excellence in Analytical Chemistry ( Mohan spent the first year of his master studies at the University of Tartu, Estonia learning the fundamental concepts and skills of analytical chemistry and metrology in chemistry. During the same year he did an internship at Veterinary and Food Laboratory Tartu, where he was involved in method development as well as routine analysis of food, drinks and meat samples. He continued his second year master at Uppsala University, Sweden specializing in organic and bioorganic analysis with advanced separation methods and mass spectrometry. Mohan is currently working on the LCMS, GCMS and NMR based lipidomics and oxylipin analysis in the clinical cohorts and animal materials related to arthritis. His research aims to uncover novel pro-resolving lipid pathways using untargeted lipidomics and develop targeted analysis platforms for the marker compounds to monitor these in the human cohorts. Mohan is working under the supervision of Dr. Martin Giera. The research group focuses on the development and application of advanced analytical techniques like LCMS, GCMS and NMR for small molecules in the field of metabolomics ( The main interests include lipid remodeling and effects of bioactive lipids on the course of inflammation and metabolic profiling in the field of biomarker discovery and metabolic changes during infection and disease.