Chiara Cecconello
PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, England
Chiara graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Padua (Italy). During her studies, she did an EU Erasmus placement at the research lab of Dr. Mountford at King’s College London (UK) developing her master thesis on the synthesis of new antimalarial agents. After graduation she did a placement at the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) in Barcelona (Spain), working with Dr. Llebaria group on photoswitchable molecules. This placement was part of the Unipharma-Graduates projects, promoted by the Noopolis Foundation within the EU Programme Leonardo da Vinci, in cooperation with Sapienza University of Rome. She then worked as a Pharmacist in Italy and in 2017 she graduated in Chemical Biology (MRes) at Imperial College London (UK). At Imperial College she did her Master Research project in the Prof. Tate group in collaboration with Nestlé S.A, working on GPCRs regulating appetite. Chiara then worked as Quality System Manager and Junior Project Leader at Jointherapeutics Srl (Italy), an innovative start-up that develops medical devices and dietary supplements for osteoarthritis. In 2019 Chiara joined the ArthritisHeal ITN as Marie Curie PhD Fellow. She is currently doing her PhD in the Biochemical Pharmacology department at Queen Mary University of London (UK) in Dr. Norling and Prof. Perretti lab, working on omega-3, bioactive lipid mediators and the control of joint inflammation.