Luís Almeida
PhD student at the LUMC, The Netherlands
Luís Almeida is a Portuguese biochemist. He did his bachelor’s in Biochemistry at the University of Lisbon. After graduating, he was accepted into a binational master’s degree in Infection Biology, between the Catholic University of Córdoba, in Argentina, where he studied for one year, and the Hannover Medical School, in Germany, where he studied for another year. It was also in Germany where he did his master’s thesis, at the TWINCORE Centre for Experimental and Clinical Infection Research, on the topic of “The immunomodulatory properties of Mycobacterium tuberculosis secretory proteins”, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. med. Tim Sparwasser, and Prof. Dr. Hugo Luján. After completing his M. Sc. in Infection Biology, he was accepted as a Marie-Curie PhD student, at the Leiden University Medical Centre, in the Netherlands, as part of the ArthritisHeal consortium, where he is currently studying the effects of pro-resolving lipids on immunometabolism and immune polarization of myeloid cells in the context of rheumatic diseases, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Maria Yazdanbakhsh, and Dr. Bart Everts.